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Monthly Destination Updates

Dominican Republic Government to offer Free Covid-19 Testing in addition to the Health Insurance

A Dominican Republic Tourism Coalition announced that the Dominican Republic Ministry of Health will donate 400,000 antigen COVID-19 test to all Hotels for travelers who need to meet this requirement to return to their countries.

“Today we guarantee that the Dominican Government will have the capacity to meet the requirements from the United States, Canada and other Destinations by giving free antigen testing to our visitors” said David Collado, Minister of Tourism.
He reaffirm this guarantee for tourist visiting from the United States effective and for the next 60 days without any cost, in coordination with the medical insurance.

“This measure positions the Dominican Republic as a Top Destination among other countries in their pursuit to continue facing challenges with responsible recovery of the Tourism industry in the Dominican Republic.

Effective on Tuesday, January 26th all passengers must present negative test results to enter the United States according to the CDC. All airports in the Dominican Republic are preparing mobile stations to apply the antigen test for passengers who need taking the test at the airport, according to Collado. He explained that the Hotel Association will coordinate with the Hotels and the Ministry of Health the delivery, training and technological platform for this test in alliance with local health care providers.

Source: translated from Listin Diario


Other Destinations in Latin America also open for business are making it easy for travelers to enter. Most major Hotels are providing Covid-19 testing on site

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