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Learn the latest industry developments in Latin America, and catch up with LatinPlus. From regional news, blogs, Covid-19 updates, virtual events and Latin American cooking recipes, here is what's going on!

Women's Day Profiles

Meet our Women Leaders

-Aileen Laracuente Joins LatinPlus DMC Group, Dec 12th. 2020

-LatinPlus DMC expands in the Dominican Republic with the addition of ECT DMC, Aug 14th 2020

-LatinPlus Launch Event at SMU International, Feb 28th. 2020



LatinPlus DMC group Launch

COVID-19 Updates

covid Updates.png

Travel from your Kitchen: Cooking with Patricia Sahin

Get inspiration and travel from your kicthen with Patricia Sahin's curated list of Latin-Inspired Recipes. We love to showcase the gastronomy of our Destinations which is full of color, spices and fresh ingredients.

From Mexico to Argentina, you may be surprised to learn how diverse is our gastronomy. Even for recipes that look the same in some countries, is great to see how each country makes it unique. 

To learn more visit our blog here.


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