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Latinplus dmc group welcomes paola quintero!

July 20th, 2022

LatinPlus DMC Group announces the addition of Paola Quintero, as Chief Experience Ambassador, overseeing both sales and operations for all of the group DMC members in Mexico, the Caribbean, and the rest of Latin America.


Paola’s extensive and diverse career in hospitality has left footprints in London, Chicago, Canada, Los Cabos, Cancun, and currently Mexico City. Paola began her career in the Food and Beverage industry back in London, 20 years ago, then she transitioned to Destination Management Services working for a DMC based in Chicago servicing Mexico’s Top Destinations for Meetings and Incentives (MIE). She also worked as a Program Manager for Creative Group in Illinois, until destiny brought her back to her beloved hometown. While in Mexico, she excelled at the opportunity of running MIE DMC offices in Los Cabos.  



During the Pandemic, she took a turn to focus on her family, and now she is blessed with a 15 months old baby, Santino, and her Golden Retriever, Leiah. Maternity has been transformational for Paola and an opportunity to have a deeper connection with herself and the world around her, focusing more on a holistic approach to hospitality services with a positive impact. Now she promotes slow travel services in Mexico through her new business venture, Ulaak Mexico. 

Paola is a travel and adventure seeker, and her new nomadic entrepreneurial lifestyle has taken her to discover incredible places all over Mexico and now embarking on the rest of Latin America joining as a key member of LatinPlus DMC Group.

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