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Introducing "The Art of Happenings" by VAOVA Travel

Our new DMC partner in Colombia!

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Vaova Travel, an award-winning DMC specializing in incentive and luxury travel to Colombia. Known for creating innovative experiences that are developed in-house under the concept of  'happenings', showcasing destinations through artistic local expressions that empower local communities and interrupt the daily life of our travelers.

A different overview...

In Colombia, richness is measured by the charisma of its people, the biodiversity of its regions, and the passion of its musical beats. Dive into a country where mountains frame urban landscapes, waves hit the beaches to the rhythm of cumbia, the dawn demands a cup of black coffee, and the night comes only to catch a glimpse of the bolero sounds echoing from the streets.

The "Happenings"

The happenings are an artistic movement from the 60s that took art from galleries, theatres, and their comfort zone, to “the streets”, available to everybody, transforming audiences into truly active participants.
At VAOVA Travel we take this concept as our center and work philosophy.  The happenings manifest themselves in our travel experiences through surprising, moving, and artistic actions that involve aspects of the tradition, culture, and identity of the destinations in which we operate. The happenings also make possible our vision of doing tourism in a disruptive, conscious, and sustainable way.

We connect with local communities, business leaders, start-ups, and more than 200 artists in our activities, for whom we contribute to their welfare, and we enable spaces where we share their stories and culture while reasserting their role in society.

In short, the happenings are our inspiration and our way of combining art and tourism. Because of them, we can offer experiences that no other operator or agency can replicate, and therefore, they are not only genuinely unique experiences for our travelers but also a growth driver in the communities where we work.

Our main goal in partnership with Vaova is to show the real and authentic Colombia while providing unique experiences and a very professional and organized operation. This team of more than 50 young passionate employees is fully committed to hospitality and building trust in our clients.

For additional information about unveiling the secrets of this enchanting country for groups or any other inquiries about tailor-made and unconventional experiences in Latin America, please contact us at


La Boca

San Telmo

Teatro Colon

Meet Juan Pablo Toro, Founder and CEO
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