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Meet Ligia Vargas

Born in Costa Rica, Ligia is a true professional in the hospitality industry with credentials that go back to 1982, working in management for airlines, 5-star hotels and as founder of DMCs in Costa Rica and Panama. She is certified as a CIS, CES and DMCP, and you can count on her integrity in all matters.


Recognized for her positive attitude and tireless energy, she loves to work, travel, exercise, garden, spend time with her family and puppies, and communicate with friends and with nature.

What is your role within the company? 

Officially I am the CEO and Founder, however, because our company closely resembles a family, I also play the role of a loving (and sometimes stern) mother who always wants the best for her kids (staff). On the other hand, I work tirelessly in promoting worldwide the two countries I am in love with, Panama and Costa Rica, while also staying in constant contact with our valuable clients/friends, to take care of all their needs.


How long have you been working in Dynamic?

Dynamic is a re-branded continuation of my former DMC, so even though the new name, I’ve worked with this team, the offices in both countries, and the same high standards of operations for 22 years!


What is the favorite part of your job?

This is hard to answer, as my heart is divided between business and operations. Therefore, you will likely get to know me during the 12 months (or more!) of planning a program, but I also show up during the operation, to make sure our team is delivering what I promised during the planning phase!


Tell us something about you that will surprise us.

I discovered my selling skills when I was 21 by successfully selling suntan lotion as a street vendor on the beautiful beaches of Cancun. Just six months later, the Costa Rica government choose me as their Honorary Consul in Cancun, Mexico, a role that I respectfully and proudly developed for 15 years. I used to play basketball in a professional team and also was part of Costa Rica Juvenile National Team. Among other things I would love to travel to the moon!!!


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